9 Reasons Having A Pet Is Good for You


Having a furry friend who gives you company around the house makes you less lonely and more active. Scientific research proves a dog or cat around the house can drastically improve your mood. If you have depression or anxiety, a pet can offer the perfect way to reduce your stressors. However, a pet is not equivalent to a therapist or prescribed medications. But the serotonin rush from spending time with your cat or furry pup makes you less sad.

If you’re still contemplating getting a pet, it’s time to get one immediately. Below, we’ll detail all the reasons to get a pet: 

Emotional Support Animals

Believe it or not, your four-legged friend can be your emotional support animal. If you’re differently-abled or struggle with mental health issues, you’re doing yourself a huge favor by getting a service dog. These dogs are specially trained to care for people with disabilities and perform tasks for them. If you have post-traumatic stress disorder, a trained dog can help you calm down during an anxiety attack. 

It’s advised to take these dogs with you everywhere, whether you’re going on a trip or for urgent business matters. And don’t worry about them being allowed inside your hotel room. Nowadays, service dogs in hotels are more than welcome since they differ from pets. 

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But it’s best to check with the hotel staff prior to bookings to avoid any last-minute issues. If you wish to take your special service dog with you, contact a reliable pet service company, and they will provide you with an emotional support animal letter. 

Physical Health and How Pets Can Improve It

There are multiple health benefits associated with pets. If you tend to feel lazy and hate exercising, playing with your dog can compensate for the lack of exercise. For instance, instead of going on a long boring walk, you can have fun with your pet by playing and throwing the ball around. It’s a fun activity, and you can easily reach your daily exercise goals.

The benefits of a pet are endless. Scientifically proven research shows that pet owners are less likely to suffer from any cardiovascular diseases. Not just that, but having a pet can keep you happy and can effectively manage your blood pressure. Moreover, an active lifestyle can drastically reduce the chances of chronic illnesses.

How Can Pets Reduce Anxiety?

People who own pets often tell you how their pets help ease their anxiety and stress. How accurate is it, though? Evidence backed by science shows that the claim is, in fact, accurate and true. Snuggling with your cat and its purring sound is a proven antidote to a stress-free day. Coming home after a long day at work and cuddling with your pets is the key to a happy life.

A psychologist and a professor at Western Carolina University highlights that “people’s good mood increases and bad mood decreases around pets.” Multiple other studies show that people with pets will likely be less stressed in difficult situations and can handle complicated tasks better.

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That’s because there’s nothing adorable puppy eyes cannot solve. 

Home Is Where Your Pet Is

If you live alone, it can get awfully lonely unless you have a pet, of course. Your cat or dog’s cute tricks and the constant playing around can keep you entertained all day. Not only are they great companions, but they also provide love and affection.

A pet will make you want to leave your office early and go home to them.

A Better Social Life

Believe it or not, pets can make your social life more interesting. Especially if you’re shy around new people and dread new social situations, having a pet can help you let go of your comfort zone. For instance, taking your dog for a walk is a good way to interact with other pet parents. Going to a dog park and meeting people with similar interests can help spark a conversation. Moreover, participating in dog-centered activities at an event can help you socialize and make new friends.

Are Pets A Great Gift for Your Kids?

Unlike most people claim, most learning does not necessarily happen inside a classroom. Kids pick up on things they see around, and having pets at home can set a good example for your kids.

Pets are the most selfless beings. Especially dogs who will prioritize your needs first, help you ease your anxiety, and protect you from any possible danger. Getting a pet will help your kids learn empathy and kindness, which are characteristics you must develop at an early age. Also, pets will help your kids build their self-esteem and confidence. For kids who suffer from developmental challenges like ADHD and autism, getting them a cat or a dog will help them develop social skills and improve their focus.

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Taking care of pets also helps kids learn to be more responsible. With a pet relying on them for food and water, your kids will learn to take responsibility and create a sense of empathy.

Improved Immunity and Safety

Although this may come as a surprise to most of you, pets can improve your immunity as well as reduce allergies. Recent research by the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology explains how having pets around the house can improve kids’ immune systems. 

Most importantly, no security system works better than keeping a dog in your house. The guard dogs can scare burglars and thieves away. You also do not have to fear walking alone late at night. Just take your dog with you to scare away any potential danger. You will get your exercise, and your dog will love it too.

They Can Catch Cancer Early

Dogs are smarter than they are given credit for. They can sense imminent physical danger and detect cancer even before you can. Many have reported that their dog’s constant sniffing and pawing helped them discover the bad news. It’s unbelievable how your pet can save your life.


Your four-legged friend can turn out to be your greatest companion. From improving your physical to mental health, pets can make your life long and healthy. Owning pets is especially important for people with disabilities and development issues. But these are often service dogs and are slightly different from pets. So, get that cat, hamster, or dog you have always wanted.

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