Calico Cats: All you need to know


When you want a pet to be a part of your family, you can think about bringing a Calico cat home. While the pet can be a great companion, you can have an enjoyable time with her. You can also play with the cat when you’re alone at home.

But, regardless of what you do with the cat, the animal is bound to surprise you every day. So, with this in mind, let’s check out some interesting facts about Calico cats.

Calico is not a name of a breed

When you interact with your friends, many individuals refer to Calico as a breed. But, in today’s world, Calico is nothing but the pattern of the fur. While you come across many types of cats, a standard calico cat boasts a white coloured coat with patches of black and orange.

On the other hand, when you observe a calibby, it bears the characteristics of a tabby cat and a calico. Synonymous to calico cats, such animals have the same color variations. However, such animals look different due to the stripes across their body.

Male cats are rarely found

When you observe cats, you will not see any male calico cats around your house. But, even when you notice such animals, these look distinct owing to the black coloured fur. Such cats grow because of the abnormality in Calico’s genes.

Moreover, such cats have an extra X chromosome and some health issues. As far as the types of male cats are concerned, these include Turkish Angora, Arabian Mau, Exotic Shorthair, and more.

These cats always boast a pleasing personality 

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As it is universally known, such cats are known for their unique personality. The pets look cute and are also playful when you start spending time with them. Once you start playing with the cat, you will never know how time will fly. Way ahead, people consider such types of cats as signs of luck across the globe.

Once your family adopts the animal, it can help make everyone prosperous. Because of this reason, people living in the US refer to such animals as money cats. Beyond everything else, the temperament of such cats entirely depends on the breed.

The name hails from India

Quite interestingly, the name ‘Calico’ has its origin from the type of fabric made in India. If you’re hearing about this fabric for the first time, then the material boasts a pattern with small floral prints. When you observe the fabric closely, you will notice tiny flecks of cotton seeds across the final garment.

But, as the name ‘Calico’ spread worldwide, it is also used while individuals refer to many things. On the contrary, Calico is also a durable canvas that artists and designers use to showcase their art. To your surprise, you will also find a recipe, Calico beans, named after the cat.

Such cats only live for a short period 

Like human beings, the lifespan of such cats depends on the overall lifestyle and the breed. But, if you take good care of the cat and feed the animal with healthy food items, the cats can live for 15 years. Unfortunately, the lifespan of male calicos is relatively shorter because of their unique genetic constitution.

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Nonetheless, you can extend the lifespan with proper nutrition, veterinary care and some activities for a couple of hours. You also have to groom the cat properly to make it look beautiful day after day.


Even though such cats are rare, they are found in numerous world regions. Apart from Egypt, you will observe the rare species of cats in many cities of Spain, France, and Italy. Besides, you will also notice such cats across the Mediterranean region. 

Based on the cultures, people call this cat by different names. For instance, these cats are known as “lapjeskat” in the Netherlands. But, in Japan, people refer to such cats as “mi-ke”. 



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