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Dolphin Information

In this section you will find all you need to know about dolphins in general. If you are looking to find more information about what they eat, how they hunt or how they communicate with one another, then this is where you will need to look. This is also where you will find details of dolphins’ preferred habitats, their life cycle and how baby dolphins are born and grow.

Dolphins are fascinating and incredibly intelligent animals. They have adapted over centuries to become highly capable of living in a wide variety of different aquatic environments all over the world. In this section, you will find articles which teach you all about the ways in which dolphins have evolved over thousands of years to become the animals that we know them as today. You will also find out where they live, how they survive on a day to day basis and what natural predators they have in the wild.

Dolphins have become a tourist attraction in many parts of the world. People flock to California or Florida from all over the planet to be able to watch them in their natural habitats and trained dolphins perform to huge audiences. Here you will find articles which explain why dolphins are so easy to train and the main differences between dolphins in captivity and in the wild.

Sadly, there are several species of dolphin which are endangered and at risk of extinction. Here you will find out about what is being done to protect those in danger of being harmed and why we need to make sure that they do not die out. Dolphins are an important part of their ecosystems. By eating huge amounts of fish they control the numbers of different species which are able to reproduce, maintaining a level of balance between predators and prey and helping to keep the seas and rivers clean and diverse. Without dolphins, this would not be possible, and in this section you will be able to read about what conservationists are doing to make sure that dolphins stay around for much, much longer.

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This section will give you a fantastic insight into the world of dolphins. It will give you new information which you could never have imagined to be true, as well as loads of new fun facts to share with family and friends.

Dolphin Information

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Dolphin Facts | Dolphin Information | Dolphin Species | Dolphins FAQ

Dolphin Information

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