How to Make Money when the Bookies Get It Wrong and Lose?


The bookie platform you are using to bet on your favorite sports will always make profits, but sometimes, they will lose because of certain factors. Even big bookies, such as the best bookie for Canadian bettors, will lose sometimes. You can still win even though the bookie is losing and getting it wrong. Here’s how to make money when the bookies get it wrong and lose:

  • Value Betting

Value betting allows you to recognize the advantage that the bookies will offer to you. With value betting, you can recognize the bets that have lower wager, which you might consider valuable. Then you can place your bets on the lower wager offered by the bookie to give you a much higher profit when you win. The bookies will offer lower wagers for certain bets when they are sure that the opposite will win.

So, when you take part in value betting, you will go against the bookies in terms of the odds of winning that they place on a certain team. The bookie’s favorite will get higher wager, while the least favorite will get lower wager. But if you win, the bookies will lose and you will win big.

  • Take Advantage of the Imbalance Bet Ratio

Most of the time, the bookies will try their best to lead the players to bet on both teams in the ratio of 50:50. This way, no matter which team wins, the bookie will still get the profits from the wagers they collect from the players. However, sometimes the bookie will deal with the imbalance bet ratio, which can give them an advantage or a disadvantage.

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Let’s say the bet ratio is 20:80 for Team 01 vs Team 02. Of course, with the ratio like this, the bookie will hope that Team 02 will lose, so they can rake in big profits from the losing bets. But sometimes, the bookie will lose big if Team 01 ends up losing, as they will pay more than the wagers they collect. It’s best for you to take advantage of the imbalance bet ratio to get ahead of the bookie. 

  • Place Your Bets on the Team the Bookie Doesn’t Support

The bookies will support a certain team when they open bets in a sports match, and the bookie will try to ensure that they will rake in profits when they support this team. They will also release the odds for the bet they offer to the players, so the players can decide which team they would like to bet on. Remember, the bookie will ensure the loss for the players, and the more losses the players have, the better it is for the bookie.

So, to make money when the bookies get it wrong and lose, you need to place your bets on the team the bookie doesn’t support. You will go against the flow, and when you win, the bookie will often lose.


You’ve learned how you can make money when the bookies get it wrong and lose. Most of the time, the bookmaking system has the design to ensure that the bookies will always make profits. However, sometimes they will lose because of various reasons. Follow these tips to take advantage when the bookies get it wrong and lose.

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